10 tips for healthy & radiant skin


A major signal of healthy skin is a natural glow. But, lack of nutrition, sleep, stress & age affects the glow and radiance. Here are 10 tips to get that natural glow and radiant skin.

Every day, we make decisions that impact our health. Whether it's making healthier food choices, choosing an exercise routine to follow or avoiding unhealthy habits, it is important to be aware of the ways that our lifestyle choices can affect our health. In this blog post, we break down 10 tips for healthy living and provide resources on how to incorporate them into your life.

Eating healthy is important, but doing so can be difficult in a world of processed foods, sodium-laden meals and tempting treats. There are many benefits to eating healthy, including lower weight, better focus and feeling better about yourself. The following article contains 10 tips and tricks for healthy living that you can incorporate into your daily life.

1. Eat a wide variety of whole, unprocessed foods

A diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods has many perks including an increased nutrient intake, increased feelings of satiety, and improved gut health. Processed foods often contain unhealthy ingredients like refined sugar, sodium, and preservatives. Avoiding them will help you to avoid unwanted weight gain and health issues such as diabetes or cancer.

2. Get enough high-quality protein

Protein provides the building blocks for muscle and is essential for weight loss. Aim to eat at least 40-50 grams per day, with a goal of 100 grams if you're trying to lose weight. Protein can be found in many different foods like eggs, milk, cottage cheese, and chicken breast.

3. Optimize micronutrients by taking a multivitamin or supplement

Micronutrients are nutrients that the body needs in small quantities. Micronutrients include vitamins, minerals and other substances found in food. A multivitamin is a packaged dietary supplement that contains more than one micronutrient. These supplements can help to ensure that people receive all of the necessary micronutrients for good health. Though there are many companies that claim to be the best gummies for hair and skin, Vita Goodyz backs that claim with our Natural & non-GMO products and ISO, FAASI, & FDA approved products. This makes Vita Goodyz the best women's multivitamin gummy out there in the Indian market.


4. Get at least seven hours of sleep each night

Sleep deprivation can have a major impact on your health. You may be more likely to catch a cold or suffer from high blood pressure. It also lowers your immune system making you more vulnerable to sickness and disease.


5. Exercise moderately for 30 minutes three to five times per week

Exercise is very important to sweat out toxins and maintain a healthy glowing skin naturally. Adults need to indulge in mild to moderate activities for at least 30.mins a day for at least 5 times a week as a general rule which not only improves motor functions but also improves lung capacity.

6. Try not to eat sugar or refined carbs

Eating a healthy diet is probably the most important factor in losing weight and decreasing your risk of chronic health conditions. These tips are meant to encourage you to make some changes that will lead to an improved diet. The first thing to consider when making these changes is sugar or refined carbs which can spike insulin levels and lead to fat storage.

7. Limit sun exposure

Premature skin aging is  caused by exposure to the sun. "UVA rays degrade collagen, & contribute to a lack of elasticity and tone, and cause thicker-looking skin.

Sun damage can cause deep lines and wrinkles. Age and liver spots develop over time as a result of sun damage accumulated over many years of exposure. Incorporate high-quality after-care products into your routine in addition to SPF protection to boost your chances of reducing damage.

8. Engage in mindful activities

Stress has a terrible way of showing up right where you don't want it: on your skin. From speeding up the aging process to increasing sensitivity and creating flare-ups, stress has an unfortunate way of showing up right where you don't want it: on your skin.

Stress causes the release of cortisol (often known as the "stress hormone"), which has an effect on your skin. High cortisol levels speed up the aging process by destroying collagen and elastin, as well as signaling your skin to generate more oil, which can lead to acne.

To fight stress, engage in mindful activities and practise breathing exercises.

9. Drink enough water

Drinking enough water not only hydrates the skin but also keeps it supple and firm, making it look young and vibrant. As a general rule of thumb, you should drink at least 3.L of water a day to maintain a supple and hydrated skin.Consume antioxidant rich foods

Antioxidants are vitamins and minerals found in nature that donate one electron to free radicals, lowering their reactivity and protecting the skin from damage. Antioxidants are produced naturally by the body, but they can also be found in common foods like berries and leafy greens, as well as unexpected sources like coffee and popcorn. Here are several common antioxidants that are good for your skin, as well as foods that contain them:

  • Most fruits and vegetables, especially berries, oranges, and bell peppers, are high in vitamin C.
  • Vitamin A is found in milk, butter, and eggs.
  • Nuts, seeds, and leafy greens are high in vitamin E.
  • Brightly coloured fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, mangoes, and spinach, contain beta-carotene.
  • Red and pink fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon and tomatoes, contain lycopene.
  • Lutein is found in leafy greens, corn, papaya, and other tropical fruits and vegetables.