We are a team who strongly believe happiness is the fulfillment of life and health is crucial to happy living! Unfortunately, leading a quality life has become complex today due to various reasons, and we are missing the most important part of that i.e., Nutrition. To make that cheerful, we crafted multi-vitamin products into tasty goodyz unlike traditional pills. So, daily nutrition is no more a hassle! We figured out a process to make healthy living simple, delicious and add to the ‘quality of living’. So is our innovation, Vita Goodyz - The best multivitamin gummies in India. We went through the rigorous process to choose our manufacturers and suppliers internationally to bring the best-in-class, high quality supplements.

Our Mission

We always wanted to give the world something simple and natural, yet exciting and of high quality. Vita Goodyz is built on this core principle with ‘quality living’ in focus and ‘healthy life’ at the core.

Now Tasty Goodyz!

Vitamin in-takes need not necessarily be bitter-tasting pills. So, we made them better-tasting goodyz!

Vita Goodyz -
Being healthy made easy

Tasty nutrition and healthy living brought to you with 'convenience and quality in focus’. With Vita Goodyz, nutrition is on the go, easy and joyful than ever!