At what age kids should start using vitamin supplements!


Nutrition & Kids are poles apart. Kids are picky eaters and hence their nutrition is always incomplete. Teach them young and start their nutritional journey from a young age.

While many supplements are not appropriate for children, children of all ages may normally take vitamin supplements if they are tailored for their age group. In rare circumstances, doctors even advise administering vitamin supplements to very young children.

According to BabyCenter, most children, even those who are fussy eaters, do not require a daily multivitamin or mega-doses of a certain vitamin. Before providing any supplements to your kid, consult with your doctor to confirm that they are both safe and suitable.

Vitamin D is an important nutrient.

Although your newborn or child may manufacture vitamin D by being exposed to sunshine, most children are typically covered or coated in sunscreen to avoid sunburn, decreasing the amount of vitamin D the body can produce.

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all breastfed babies be given a liquid vitamin D supplement containing 400 international units of this vitamin each day, and that this supplementation continue throughout childhood.

Formula contains enough vitamin D to meet your baby's needs if he drinks at least 32 ounces per day, but breast milk often does not, so the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that all breastfed babies be given a liquid vitamin D supplement containing 400 international units of this vitamin each day.

Multivitamin Requirements

Apart from vitamin D, most youngsters, even finicky eaters, obtain all of their vitamins through food. Multivitamin supplements may be required if a kid's diet is highly restricted, if the youngster follows a vegan diet, or if the child is anemic. Some parents appreciate the concept of supplementing their child's diet with a daily multivitamin to fill up any nutritional shortfalls. While acquiring nutrients from food is preferred, taking a multivitamin at the prescribed dosage is safe for children as long as they aren't taking any other vitamin supplements that may lead to an overdose of a certain vitamin.

A Better Approach

Provide a range of healthful foods from each food category to your children. Even if your child doesn't eat everything you give him, he will most likely get enough of the nutrients he requires, thanks to the ubiquity of fortified foods in the average American diet. Some breakfast cereals are enriched with enough nutrients to replace a multivitamin supplement, so your child won't need to take separate vitamins if he or she eats one of these cereals every morning.

An Easier way!

There are a variety of supplements available for kids these days to cover their nutritional needs, having said that they are picky eaters. But the pills, tablets, tonics are all either bitter or taste too strong with a weird aftertaste.

What's the solution you ask?

Try vitamin gummies. Your kids may like the taste and they get their nourishment. It serves as a win-win to all


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