5 Tips to choosing a Gummy Vitamin Your Kids Will Love

Did you know only 20% of children consume the recommended daily amount of fruits and vegetables? 

We don’t want to scare you, but want to draw your attention towards the importance of vitamins for your kids’ health & wellbeing.

Throughout the life cycle, a person's health, ability to function, and physical and cognitive development are all impacted by inadequate micronutrient intake. Therefore it is recommended to balance your kids’ plate with veggies & vitamin-rich foods.

But what if your lil’ one is a picky eater?

Say Hello to Vitamin Gummies

Gummy vitamins are a great alternative to traditional pills or chewable tablets. In fact, gummy vitamins are the most popular vitamin supplement for kids. 

However, not all gummy vitamins are created equal. Some have artificial flavors and colors, high fructose corn syrup, and other unhealthy additives. They may also be packed with sugar and sodium. Make sure the gummy vitamins you choose for your kids are healthy ones! We’ve compiled some tips on how to choose a gummy vitamin your kid will love. 

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Tips to choose the best Gummy Vitamin Your Kids Will Love

Check the Ingredients

The first step to choosing a healthy gummy vitamin is to check the ingredients. Be sure to look at the Nutrition Facts panel on the product packaging. You’ll want to make sure these vitamins are made with real fruit and vegetables, not artificial flavors and colors. You can also ask your child’s pediatrician for some recommendations. However, be aware that the regulations for supplements and vitamins are not as strict as those for foods. For example, the word “natural” is not regulated when applied to vitamins. So, vitamins labeled “natural” may actually include ingredients such as artificial flavoring, carmine (a red food dye), and soybean oil. It’s important to keep that in mind when shopping for supplements and vitamins. To be sure you’re choosing a healthy gummy vitamin, examine the ingredients list on the package.

Watch Out for Sugar

Some kids' gummy vitamins are packed with sugar. This is a good reason to choose a gummy vitamin made with natural ingredients. Sugar, even natural sugar like fructose, can be harmful to your kids’ teeth. It can also lead to cavities and cause inflammation in the body. While some kids' gummy vitamins are almost pure sugar, others are loaded with corn syrup or other sugars. Vitamin A, B-12, C, E, and others are important vitamins, but they don’t need to be sugar-coated. Be sure to watch out for sugar when choosing a gummy vitamin for your kids. In fact, some experts believe that children don’t need any vitamin supplements. A healthy, vitamin-rich diet should contain all the nutrients your child needs. If your child is getting most of their vitamins from their diet, there’s no need to supplement. It’s best to talk to your doctor about whether supplements are necessary for your child.

Find a Dose Your Child Can Handle

Some kids' gummy vitamins come in single-dose packaging, while others are dosed for kids of all ages. If you choose a gummy vitamin in a single-dose package, simply read the directions and follow the recommended daily dosage. If you choose a gummy vitamin in a multiple-dose package, it’s important to find a dose your child can handle. A few good rules of thumb are to choose a gummy vitamin with the following daily dosage: - 2 years old: 10 mg - 3 years old: 20 mg - 4 years old: 30 mg - 5 years old: 40 mg - 6 years old: 50 mg - 7 years old: 60 mg - 8 years old: 70 mg - 9 years old: 80 mg - 10 years old: 90 mg - 11 years old: 100 mg - 12 years old: 120 mg These are general guidelines. If your child has special dietary or health considerations, be sure to consult your doctor before choosing a gummy vitamin. 

Research the Brand

Before buying any brand of gummy vitamins, do a little research to see what others are saying. Healthy gummy vitamins are well-reviewed and work as advertised. Some brands are known to have a poor taste, leak in packaging, or have a low dosage. Others have added sweeteners, dyes, and other unhealthy ingredients. A reputable brand will list the ingredients and recommended dosages in plain language. Find out where your gummy vitamins are made. While some manufacturers keep their production process in the U.S., others outsource to foreign countries. This could affect quality control, as well as the level of oversight on ingredients and production methods. Lastly, check the return policy on the vitamins you’re thinking about buying. If you find that the taste or texture isn’t what you expected, you’ll want to be able to return the vitamin and get a refund.

Look for Natural Flavors

Some gummy vitamins are naturally flavored and others use artificial flavoring. If you choose a gummy vitamin packed with natural fruit and vegetable flavors, you can expect a fruity taste. These vitamins taste delicious and have no artificial dyes or preservatives. On the other hand, artificial flavors are often packed with sugar and food dyes. They may also leave an aftertaste in your mouth. If your child is sensitive to artificial ingredients and dyes, look for vitamins that use natural flavors.

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Gummy vitamins are a fun way to get kids to take their vitamins. They’re also a great choice for kids with allergies or a sensitivity to pills or chewable tablets. However, not all gummy vitamins are created equal. To choose a gummy vitamin your kids will love, check the ingredients, watch out for sugar, find a dosage your child can handle, research the brand, and look for natural flavors.

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